Rural Hospitals

Enhancing Your organization

The financial stress on rural healthcare providers is daunting and ultimately affects both the financial and physical health of the communities they serve. With numerous closures and one in three hospitals facing material financial hardships, it is essential for rural healthcare providers to be flexible, creative, and proactive in responding to competitive dynamics, adapting the policies associated with the ever changing healthcare environment, safe-guarding community access to care, improving patient outcome, and reducing the need for uncompensable readmissions.

At HMR, we are committed to assisting rural healthcare providers develop and implement strategies to re-engineer, or even re-imagine, their organizations; strategies that will enable them to remain thriving, relevant and fiscally sound. Our team is driven each day by the conviction that every rural community deserves a compassionate, high quality healthcare delivery system. We partner with healthcare leaders to sustain and strengthen the vital role hospitals and clinics play in rural America.

Our in-depth experience with rural hospitals serves as our inspiration and expertise base in creating solutions for resilient institutions to provide the best possible care in their communities – and to do so into the foreseeable future. Our strategies are customized and market-specific, down-to-earth and actionable. We pride ourselves in offering the planning, training, motivation, implementation and practical tools needed to implement our recommendations without “breaking the bank.”

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